Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Romance Scam

Scammers use the profit of lonely members who are searching for soulmates with the help of dating sites, applications or any social platform by imitating accurative interlocutor and eventual companion. And by any means they push the emotional buttons to extract gifts, money and personal information.

What’s the scam scheme?

The strategy of romance dating scam starts with international dating websites, the more they meet users there, the better. However nowadays scammers appeal for social media or even to mailboxes to get in touch with future victim. Besides they like to contact victims by first telephone call as well, known today as “catfishing” tricks.

Keep in mind that they create million hook profiles, they can be less the information to be filled with, name and second name or without, a few details but very active. Be careful as such profiles are fake with fake names and even profession they indicate as military, medicine or engineering abroad are aimed to gain people’s trust.

What is more, dating romance scammers keep their position of interested in you seriously during a very short period of time. By the way they would mention that is it a great luck to meet you suddenly, such can happen only once in a million times. Afterwards they will offer you to quit from the website and keep communication via private way as mobile phone, email address or any messenger. As a rule they choose Australia to be their native country but their job is connected with travelling in europe and overseas and etc.

Their ingenuity goes to gaining sincerity and trust. They will do anything to win your unfeigned interest via gifts presenting and even sharing personal data with victim to show the vivid attitude and to grow in favour. They blast off and use months to achieve the aim. They make a victim closer during this period but never come to her place as promised. Actually they pretend to come in a very sophisticated way.

So when it is time and future victim is ready to be scammed, usually this is the most pleasant part of relationship based on trust and helpfulness. This is a time to ask for money help, any expensive gift or some personal details. Or what is interesting they may send some intimate videos and ask to do the same.

Indeed the reason for financial request is very urgent: personal problem to be solved as soon as possible in a matter of a serious disease of a family member and special treatment is necessary right now. Or education payment, or an apartment payment according to the job loss. Besides the most powerful trick is about trip planning and the sincerest desire of a scammer to see her or his beloved person. In this case the victim would be required for a ticket booking assistance or visa arrangement as the expenses are really hard to accomplish.

Another trick is gadgets sending directly to a victim with a request to resend them to someone else, this case is using you in their criminal activity under the guise of serious issue to help a fake friend or a family member. Or they will turn the situation in such a way that you yourself will offer your help to buy and send a computer or laptop or put some money to unknown bank account. This is what you do by your own hands.

Remember such scenarios: never transfer money to a person you have never seen in your life.

There are cases when scammers share their concern about very large amount they have to fix (some fees or whatever). So you are the side who knows about this serious issue and you will be offered to have a part if you agree to send them via your bank account.

However we want you to pay attention to the fact that very often different romance scammers from dating sites could be members of a criminal networks who work with hundreds of people all over the world. It is easier to overcome any difficulties by telling that they live overseas and there is only you who can help. Thus they put you, a victim, to a dangerous point.

Since you have been scammed you will lose your money and never return, as you have no ends. What is more we won’t tell you about how harmful such romance affair is and how desperate people are afterwards with no belief in future relationship.

Caution signs:

  • You start communicating with someone online but you notice that this person expresses a strong interest to you with warm feelings with asking personal contact. So if you met each other on a dating website you will be offered to quit and use any form of private communication in future.
  • You see a difference in facts scammer tells you and in profile information you reed on the website. For example you see the description about - “educated” while you face with multiple mistakes.
  • With growing in favour they wait for weeks and months or may be years if necessary to reach the point of asking you the money, card details or any gift to send.
  • Messages you may receive can be dull, senseless sometimes, badly written with mistakes and even with not your name used as greetings.
  • In case you do not transfer money scammers try to insist, or to be desperate or to claim or to apply. Very often such requests turn to threats. But in case you send the money they ask about, later they ask for more.
  • Promises? They never keep faith and keep word. They always have an explanation and excuse for the reason you haven’t met still and why you have to send more money urgently.

How to protect from scammers?

  • Keep in mind that each new online romantic communication may turn into a scam affair, taking into account all signs mentioned above. Be strong enough to consider without emotions, analyze your partner who he or she is.
  • Take Google advantage or TinEye to provide an image search. These services are very helpful in case of verifying profile with less or suspicious information.
  • Be attentive with grammar and spelling mistakes: such language misunderstandings should push you to check the information about interlocutor. As a rule scammers know English poorly and use cliches to adjust contacts with victims.
  • Be cautious if they mention that the image of webcam is not working properly. If that repeats, probably your partner does not want you to remember his or her face.
  • Be alert to share personal information with interlocutors, videos and images will be used against you. Blackmail is the next step of scams.
  • Try to inform your family members or relatives and friends if you are going to meet with online partner in real life. Do not cross the ocean alone to unknown territory where your partner lives. You may arrange meeting on the third place. That would be reasonable decision convenient for both parties.
  • Strictly ignore any hints or requests to send money. And never do that as well as personal documents or bank details even if you think you trust this person. You will regret later.
  • Avoid up-front payment arrangements with unknown people, they will offer to use WU or any other international transferring services, or web money or whatever. There is less chances to recover funds then.
  • Do not accept the request help of money transferring to a third party. Laundering of funds is the grounds of criminal responsibility.
  • Use social network profiles carefully. Try to avoid detailed description of your personality: scammers use these channels for contacts stealing as well.

If scammed, what to do?

If you suspect a scam urgently contact and report the management of social network or a dating site you are a member of. Let people know all the details with proof to help them to investigate the case and to detect scams in their system. This will help other to avoid being potential victims.

In case you shared your personal information, contact your bank representative and let him know about this issue to block your account immediately.

Always report about scams to police department, provide them with screenshots, letters, names, addresses and details. Do not be ashamed of your case. If you hide a word, this won’t help other to prevent them from your fate.

Be educated and try to inform your relatives and friends regularly about scams all around the world.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Registration systems on dating sites and payment or How to Get a Girlfriend via Lazy Man's Guide, part 2

However, after all mentioned above, we still see many dating websites to be malicious for their members.
Indeed dating websites do not want to loose their potential members that is why they simplify the logging system. Million, thousands of users is a greatest profit, anyway.
If we take, we know that each month hundreds of male members are ready to spend their money for dating service. Men’s profiles are the image of a successful person who is ready to provide his future other half with love and financial care. That is why we can see sometimes UaDreams on the news so often. Customers used complain more often nowadays about their information got to some third sides for any other profit, however dur to modern technology we cannot be sure this may help, that is why you need to be careful with your love affair online.
Dating website is a great fish for hackers to obtain billing information, we must say being a member, man is able to spend thousands of dollars for letters, video chats, gifts, phone calls (we do not even mention live meeting in the office and trip spendings). Big fish for a criminal, right?
Discernment is what they are, they attack where money smell.
That is why payment system in meny dating websites has security tips while filling the form for billing information. Entering once, you won’t be able to do that constantly, the system will remember necessary banking info and the financial operation will be proceeded successfully.
Probably you have never seen any poor client of the ordinary non-free dating website, each single man who is ready to communicate with foreign woman from Russia or Ukraine is ready to spend some hundreds of dollars as well.

To come to the conslusion, we strictly recommend you to set blocks on your computers, special patches and antivirus. Check your browser settings and be sure in links you intend to follow, plus - all nesessary manipulations with your bank account to be in safe.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Malware and scam threat or How to Get a Girlfriend via Lazy Man's Guide part 1

Referring to marvelous dating life (we mean online) world we should mention another side of the coin: malware and scam threat.

Russian dating websites hide this porblem out of their members, however you should start with world scam news to analyze how deep this problem is and how longother dating sites struggle for their reputation.

Your regular and familiar dating site you are a member would surprize you with the opposite features, supposedly you are a haunted sugarcane.
Online independent journals made the investigation due to Russian dating websites, they discovered that more than 40% single men and women are under the risk being a member of such websites. If you have heard something about keylogger, the program of recording pressed buttons by a user on his device - as a rule with the purpose of stealage passwords and private datas like email address or (more terrible!) billing details.
Some online services have scampish filling forms for financial operations as to the payment for their options. Besides authentication requires several proper details of yours to denote you as a member.
Hackers attacs can be in a very passive way, you just wait until it will act from your computer at a necessary time right when you log in the proper bank. And all they need issome interesting and important information of yours.
Mostly people are unaware about this crime situation and still do not care about their credit card.
So what is the correct advice for preventing all members from being thew victim of specially designed program? The proper answer is: to avoid suspisious financial transations, check all financial operations and reuirements of the company you intend to transfer the money to, to check properly the filling form and do not trust to some suspisious websites that need your detailed information for loggin. Actually, you may discuss security question with your bank representative personally regarding the risk of fraud while logging to the bank site. Secondly, you have to change your login information frequently or you are able to change the bank if you are doubt in its security system.
Remember: you financial operations should be safe! 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Some tips on how to arrange your trip to Russia

If you plan to visit such a nice country as Russia or Ukraine to find a Russian girlfriend there, you should know that this travel may contain many challenges for you that almost never occur in ordinary domestic trips. But there's nothing to worry about beforehand. Just serf the Internet for necessary information and it won't be THAT hard in no way.
And if an international travel is a routine practice to you, or moreover if you have already visited Russia or Eastern Europe, then there'll be not too much new for you to learn and you may just glance over the tips published here, but all the others would better make notes (or probably use this site as a help).
How to arrange your flight?
The first thing is the transportation... In case you are not aware enough how to buy a ticket (or a travel agent who helps you is too well familiar with the situation), the cost of a round trip flight to Russia may turn into a nice sum to you of about $3000-$4000. Besides your flight schedule may happen to be absolutely horrible (with lots of stops, too long layover, inconvenient airport changes, and so on).
But luckily to you there ways of how to avoid overpaying and find a nearly perfect flight schedule. And if you guess that we suggest you to save about 10%, you are absolutely wrong. We offer you to save no less than 300%. Yes, it's true. With the help of some plain tricks your round trip flight for $3000 with the most horrible scheduling you imagine can be easily turned into a $1000 round trip with am almost ideal schedule!
Visa and Customs control.
If you have no experience of traveling abroad, you may fancy that a “visa” is a credit card. Well, partially it is like this, but to be more precise it is a special permission for entering a foreign country. Visa and custom requirements differ from country to country, and if you mix up something in there, you can in the long run be refused entry into a country and remain at the airport for about a week!
Don't forget to check what Russian customs regulations are so that not to pay extra 30% tariffs on the things that are your property already.
Scheduling for Success
When you travel to Russia or Ukraine via an individual tour, you need to know a few important scheduling moments to keep in mind that will allow you to raise your possibilities of success. That is cash in such moments as on which day of the week it is better to arrive, or the most optimal length of such a tour.
The Need of Cell Phones in Russia.
If you are willing to go to Russia to meet a woman, you will for sure need a mobile phone that is of much importance there! For instance, you may need a cell phone to make a call to your host in order to let them know that your airport pickup didn't come or of similar situations. And how will your date contact you to say to you that she's late or wish to cancel the meeting for some reason? There may be dozens of other examples of its helpful use.
But there is such a moment that U.S. cell phone may not work in Russia or Ukraine if you don't know a couple of things... though it may work ok if you have some kind of an international plan on it, but your roaming charges could come to an end quite soon and make the biggest budget item for the whole of your trip. Normally roaming charges range between 4-5 dollars a minute. But if you look for better offers in Russia you may avoid such waists.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

On Line Relations: Do They Really Affect Our Life

Internet affects our life very much. We all use Internet not only at our works, but at home too. We easily use on line dating sites, which bring their effect on our real relations. The culture of our relations is different in real life and in the Internet, so in real life we start to behave in a different way. It is very easy to have relations or affairs on line. There is no responsibility. It is always easier to hide your on line partner than a real person. The statistics says that usually those, who have to hide their on line relations, go to the net in the evening, when their spouses go to sleep. So, you can imajine how easy is it to hide your affairs, when they are not real. You can hide everything in the surface of the Internet. You even do not need any alibi for doing this. You do it when nobody sees you.

But there is a disputable uestion, which concerns on line dating. An amount of questions arise as the world of on line dating develops. Is it really necessary for us to have real relations, when we have them in the Internet? Or should we treat on line chatting as having sex with other person except your bride? Scientists made some researches of one of the chat rooms in the net, where heterosexuals chatted. So, the researces showed that people do not think of sex on line as of cheating. And it was a surprise that mostly women think in such away, but not men. But as the other research on the same topic tells us, that many people really consider such kind of relations cheating. Some people even tell us that they they sometimes like the dids, which they did on line, more then some things, which happened in their real lives. And in such cases people speak about some intimate relations with another person. We can even say that very often it happens so that people, who met on line and have on line relations are much closer then those, who are engaged in reality.

One more research has been made within the students of modern colleges. They were asked if they had ever took part in on line dating and relations and what do they think about it. The result were devided into two parts. The first part of students believe that even chatting with people on line may be cheating, and others are sure that it depends on the topic on your conversation whether it is cheating or not. But all in all students consider on line chatting and on line relations rather diversified and include sexualcand emotional satisfaction. Also emotional side of chatting was very important for many students, even more then sexual. It is easy to eplain: if there is lack of emotions in your real life, you go to on line relations, which can give youwhat you need.

It may seem for many f us that on line relations are based on emotions, which appear at both people in the process of chatting and communication. As the survey tells us, people, who has good experience of relations on line just shared the information about their human nature. Usually Internet relations are important and attractive for those, who has lack of these or those emotionsin their couple. It it is so you go to the net to search for what you need.

On line relations affect out real relations in a different way. There was a survey where 75 people were examined, part of them had on line relations and another part had real relations. The dynamic of both types of relations was examined. And surprisingly most people were more satisfied with internet relations rather then with their real partners. Also some people say that these relations were more important for them. But still there were people who admitted an interesting and important fact. Only a small part of people said that on line relation, which they had, affected the relations, which were real. Their stories, told after the xperiment, showed that their relations with the main partner became more calm and boring and the level of sexual activity has fallen down.

So, we found out that on line relations have a great impact on people and their partners. But if so, could they affect the society and how? The youngest generation tells that as we use computers and Inernet more and more, we forget about our responsibilities and relation in real life. Even the older generation tells the same thing. We can solve problems in the relation of real people instead of sitting in front of the monitor and chatting. But Internet takes our time and we do not want to loose our energy on real life's problems.

Certainly, cheating has always been a problem and it still exist. But we've already found out that any kind of on line relations affect our lives not less then real problems and affairs.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Are you ready to pay $500,000 for your online love story?

$500,000 (CAD) was the price that a Vancouver man paid for his love to an online scammer. The money he cashed in included a part of his retirement savings.

The police have started the investigation and even arrested a fraud who turned out to have operated this scam out of the capital of the UK. According the UK police, there is a slight possibility of recovering the money.

Canada's CBC News also joined the investigation. They reported about the man “Tony” (the pseudonym) who got acquainted with a man on one of dating sites. Very soon their friendly communication turned into torrid love affair which moved to Yahoo to be continued.

In some time Tony’s online love started writing messages about his urgent need in cash. He seemed to be in Malaysia without any access to money. In his messages the man complained about lack of cash to pay bribes to local authorities. Being deep in love, Tony was eager to give a hand to his online boyfriend. Even the huge amount of money (half a million dollars!!!) didn’t raise his concerns. Only some time later Tony started to suspect something unusual and made a decision to rebut the scam. He hired investigators to find the fraud. Thus, Tony’s online love turned out to be a band operating in the suburbs of London.

The high growth of popularity of online dating sites has caused the growth of online scams. Nowadays online dating is an accepted norm of our life. These sites usually appeal to people who prefer quick and easy meeting a potential partner.

Online scammers use human need in communication and love as a weapon to get money. They get acquainted with members of dating sites and social network offering them communication or even sex.

The increase of online dating sites causes the growth of online scammers who take advantage of needs and weaknesses of humanity.

Another thing that scammers hunt for is personal information that people post on their dating profiles. This is so called for identity theft and spear-phishing which has turned into a profitable business recently. The world knows the story about scammers who were imprisoned after netting over $1 million posing as military staff overseas.

Another popular trick that online scammers use to skunk is the story about life and death situation they turned out to be. One day a victim can get an email that their online partner has been stuck alone without any money in a foreign country. Moreover, he (she) has had difficulties with local authorities or has been robbed, thus, the only way out is if the victim send necessary amount of money urgently.

Tony is not the only one who took the bait. Every year unwary love-hunters lose as much as Tony did. Romance scams have created an enormous system of looking for victims on dating sites.

Thus, logging in on the next dating sites or starting a new online love story , make sure you want to be the next victim. An even you are certain that this person you chat every day is sure to be the Mr Right, never send any money to him. As soon as you get a letter like “ I’ll be very thankful to you if you send me some cash for plane tickets”, or “if you send us a few hundreds, we will free up a million dollars for you”, break any links to this person.

And even if it is the person you do know very well, check carefully if it is really he who is writing these emails to you. The only way to avoid being cheated by online scammers is to use your brains rather than feelings and emotions. Nothing can defend you better than a sceptical mind and caution.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Romantic trip to Ukraine. Find your love and get new impressions

Our grandparents could hardly imagine that to meet love you don’t need to waste your time on living your spot, but things change. Today more and more people are together due to the dating websites.

Ukraine is well known as the birthplace of the most sincere and beautiful women. So, if you decided to meet your soulmate here, Uadreams dating agency will be a tool for you. All you need to do is to login uadreams and fill your profile with true personal data. Then you will be able to start writing your love story.

Ukraine is not just a country of brides it is also a tourist zone. There you can find all the sceneries, from the mountain view to the marine one. So, if you made a solution to undertake the romantic trip to Ukraine, you won’t be disappointed. Uadreams dating agency will provide you with the services you need. The agency will book a flight and a hotel, organize your meeting, leisure activity, romantic dinner, date, everything you desire. Your wish is their command! To get the uadreams fullinfo of the service review uadreams testimonials.

Unfortunately, the Internet is riddled with scammers and the only way to struggle with them is to monitor the testimonials left on the web. Also, you can read uadreams testimonials on the website you want to log in. At any rate, it is much better to analyze the fullinfo exposed on the web about the agency you picked, before logging in. If you suffered from the scammers, leave your negative review, don’t be indifferent. Your review may help other not to get into a trap.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Who told scams? Anti-scam firewall, my own testimonial

Is the agency scams? Let me tell you about my experience. I leave my positive testimonial. I used their services several times. First of all, I studied several uadreams reviews. I liked their “all-in-one” customer service policy. Choose a girl from their database, have some chat or video chat. Once you have decided about your feelings, they organize your trip to Ukraine. I found uadreams full info on their beautiful site. I liked what they said about uadreams scams rule: the representative of the agency inspects girls’ personal information.

My first visit to Ukraine was not as successful as I expected. I liked that fantastic country and its good-natured people, but still had to wait for the fulfillment of my dreams about a beautiful Ukrainian wife and happy family. The organization of my trip was perfect! I liked my guide and interpreter Olga too much, almost fell in love with her. My second visit to Ukraine was rewarding. Svetlana was not very young, but stunningly attractive lady with a dazzling smile. I am happy to say that she is my girlfriend now.

Now I want to give you my three reasons to read review and use their services. The first reason is that Ua-dreams is one of the eldest and largest dating agencies in Ukraine, so let the professionals do their job. The second reason is scams filtering – no one likes to be cheated. The third reason is the “all-in-one” service policy of the agency.

I would like to suggest you use the services by uadreams login. Just visit their site and watch girls from their database. Contact their call service if you have some questions about matchmaking in Ukraine. Their customer service managers will give you uadreams full info. Good luck, you deserve it!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Review on safe from scam dating with the service

I believe that love will always find a way. Boundaries and distances cannot stop us from searching for happiness. If you start searching a woman of your heart in Ukraine, you will find tons of sites willing to help you in your search. How to use the limitless opportunities that the World Wide Web gives us and avoid scam websites? Scammers use such sites with false profiles to take your money or gather your information. There is a plenty of free dating websites. All women can use their services anonymously. As a result, a great number of profiles are used by scammers, who use personal relationships for their scam schemes.
Of course, you will use your own judgement. I only can suggest you to use the respected Ukrainian dating service, which operates for more than ten years. The agency use proven techniques to avoid scamming techniques. Many of Ukrainian women just want to start a family with a right man. View more than 1000 profiles with classy photographs and even video clips – you will certainly find a right woman for you. There is a possibility of a video chat on the website. Also, you can select a special gift for a lady to whom you want to show your admiration. Getting a decorated bouquet of flowers or a bottle of perfume is a bit more pleasant than a smiley at the chat, isn’t it?

When you decide to visit a girl (maybe girls) whom you would like to know personally, will organize you a tour to Ukraine. Choose between several tourist packages which include booking of airline tickets, a transfer from the airport, a single at a hotel, interpreter support and a walking excursion of the city.
That is you to decide what is better for you: using the help of professionals or exposing yourself to a risk of scamming. Anyway, I only can wish you...

Monday, January 14, 2013

Find your love with agency. Short important review in brief. Miracles happen...

I want to share my love experience. I had no wife, but I can't be alone any more. 

Suddenly I found uadreams fullinfo (on the site, and my friend gave me an advice) and now I'm happy to be given such an opportunity. 

The site is no scam, which is really surprising in our modern world. The site is a great, real agency.
 You're offered a huge list with fullinfo of girls, with which you'll be really satisfied. Then you may go to the trip to the Ukraine for further communication. 

There I met my girlfriend and spend great time. So I advice you to do the same. I believe that after you read their reviews and try their service, you'll find something appropriate for you. 
Good luck!