Friday, July 12, 2019

Love at first sight on a dating site is it a reality or a fiction?

Is it possible to fall in love at first sight on a dating site? A lot of people ask about this and sometimes they get the wrong answer because there are a lot of myths about online dating. We are happy to share our experience with you and to tell you more about the relationships between the man and the woman when they meet on a dating site. We are eager to break the myths and to give the true answers for the important questions.
Real love at first sight with Ukrainian girl

William Shakespeare wrote: “When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew.” What is love and what do we feel when we fall in love? It is a big question and a lot of people try to answer it, the scientists explain the love from the side of our body and the chemical reactions in it, the poets and artists explain the people’s feelings, hopes and thoughts. People all over the world ask themselves the same question: is love at first sight real? Who knows the answer? Today we will tell you if love at first sight is possible and what it is online dating love at first sight. The ones who have had this experience and who have already tried, know the answer. However, there a lot of people who still doubt and don’t think that it is true. Of course, a lot of people don’t believe in love at first sight until that special person comes to his or her life and steals the heart!

What love at first sight in the Internet looks like?

What do you think: can someone fall in love at first sight? Any ideas? From the very beginning let’s admit that so many people so many minds. Of course, different people will have different experience and, for sure, different feelings. That means, you won’t have the same feelings as any other person in the whole world but you will have something special in your heart and soul. It’s an unbelievable and unforgettable moment when you finally understand that you are in love. Congratulations! So now you are full of positive emotions, you are in great mood, you are the happiest person ever, at least you feel that you are. That’s how it happens in real life but what about the online dating sites. When you meet a lady with the help of dating agency, is love at first sight possible? If you still think that it isn’t and you believe in this myth, we will tell you how it happens indeed. Love at the first sight on dating site means when you see the lady’s profile, look through her pictures, you see her eyes and smile and you realize that she is the one you would like to know better. You start writing her, asking questions, you have more and more information about her life, habits, hobbies and features of character. You understand that you want more, you want to see her in the video chat, you want to hear her voice, to see her eyes. After this step you can’t stop thinking about the lady so it’s high time to meet in person. It is very common situation when by the moment you meet a lady, you have strong feeling to her. That is online dating love at first sight.

Real love stories at first sight between Ukrainian women and foreign men

 Don’t forget to get ready for the changes in your life and be open for the new experience. There is no doubt that your mood is very important. Be open for the new ideas and new people in your life and you will be happy in future. If you are ready, let’s begin. is a trusted agency and place for people to meet and to fall in love. So many people became happy with the help of our website and they let us to tell their stories. We do hope you will be encouraged by their successful experience.
Michel and Lika now live in Belgium, they have been engaged and now they are planning their wedding. This couple became happy thanks to, but how did everything begin? Michel was looking for the Ukrainian wife for several years and he was about to give up but decided to try to get acquainted to the lady closer to his age, joined and it worked. They liked each other at first sight, spent much time corresponding and talking in our hot video chat, and then they decided to meet in person. They met in Ukraine, later in Europe and after that it was time to introduce each other to families, friends and children. Finally, Lika moved to Belgium and right now Michel and Lika live happily and get ready for the wedding.
We have one more story about the couple who met on our website. Both Frank and Marianna say that it was love at first sight. They wrote letters to each other only for 3 months before the first meeting, after that Frank came to Lutsk to meet in person. Marianna and Frank felt that it was the love, they couldn’t be apart for a long time so Frank came to Ukraine very often, once two or three weeks. He made a proposal and Marianna said Yes without delay. The couple got married and spent their Honeymoon in Turkey. They used their chance to be happy and they have changed their lives for better. Everything is possible when you wish this and if you do steps towards these changes. is the agency that joins the hearts and always tries to help the members to find a soulmate and a life partner. There are a lot of happily married couples around the world whose lives were changed after they joined trusted online dating agency. Don’t waste time and don’t delay, don’t miss a chance to meet your love and destiny.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Disclosed Believers’ Preferences in Porn

Religious people prefer more expensive porn videos and give more tips to webcam models. Such information was given by xHamster porn site after eleven thousand users of the resource were interviewed, most of these users called themselves believers.

According to statistics given by xHamster, most religious users of the site have a negative attitude towards gay porn and videos with transgender and bisexual people. However, virtual (VR) porn and erotic online chat is very popular among those who consider themselves believers.

Believers, who were interviewed by the company, said that they spent large sums on porn. For example, according to the statistics, about seven percent of religious users are ready to pay webcam models more than a thousand dollars. Among non-religious visitors of the website for adults, only about three percent are ready to spend such a big sum of money on porn.

Despite some believers spend a lot of money on porn, almost half of them say that they feel ashamed every time they watch live videos, especially if these videos are gay porn or BDSM.

About half of xHamster users, who consider themselves as believers, think that “porn is very much like real sex.” At the same time, 35 percent of religious users said that they almost never had sex, and 14.5 percent said they had sex only a few times a year.

Monday, March 18, 2019

User Review of Uadreams: difficulty translating letters

The next review is intriguing.. are the girls in uadreams real? One of the uadreams members pointed out an unevident problem connected with letters translation...

Well I have been a member for a few years and the Lady I am speaking too is very beautiful BUT am I talking to her??? Sometimes it seems like the letters are from different people. Or she has 3 personalities. After communicating with her for over 100 letters I think I know her style of writting and talking and lately it seems like there are at least 2 more people writting me.
The agency's staff wrote in their reply that diferent translators could translate the girl's email. As for me, this explains why the style changed.

I will continue communicating with her in hopes that I am wrong but it does not look good right now :-( Plus the fact that she does not want to send me a personalized video nor a phone call video chat so that I can see and hear her at same time is a little fishy. 

Oh oh, I know that each girl can talk to you via phone, skype, or in video chat, don't even doubt! What is more, girls on uadreams send you so many chat invitations on the site when you are online that is sometimes makes you more difficult to write an e-mail, for example. So.. this guy is telling lies!

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Dating and marriage in the middle age

Why do we need dating and marriage after 40’s? It depends on personal story of life, relationships experience (either good or bad), attitude to family life and a lot of factors. Of course, when you're over forty you have your stable point of view and clearly understand how to develop your relationships, how to forgive your partner’s mistakes and how to perform your misunderstanding and clashes to calm discussion and finding a new way for resolving disputable problem.

So, read more about the benefits of dating in your middle age in the next article which contains all vital issues that you should know when starting new relationships in your forty or even fifty.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Uadreams scam on-the-spot investigation

Hello to everyone. We want to be alert with all up-to-date scam issues to help people act on our investigation and advices behind the adage.

International dating websites do face with numerous knowledge gaps about online relationship, online dating services, scam issues and safety tips. Our goal today is to give more information about points above to uncover shadows and to maintain good reputation of trustful agencies.

Let’s speak about, one of the biggest international website located in Ukraine.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Romance Scam

Scammers use the profit of lonely members who are searching for soulmates with the help of dating sites, applications or any social platform by imitating accurative interlocutor and eventual companion. And by any means they push the emotional buttons to extract gifts, money and personal information.

What’s the scam scheme?

The strategy of romance dating scam starts with international dating websites, the more they meet users there, the better. However nowadays scammers appeal for social media or even to mailboxes to get in touch with future victim. Besides they like to contact victims by first telephone call as well, known today as “catfishing” tricks.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Registration systems on dating sites and payment or How to Get a Girlfriend via Lazy Man's Guide, part 2

However, after all mentioned above, we still see many dating websites to be malicious for their members.
Indeed dating websites do not want to loose their potential members that is why they simplify the logging system. Million, thousands of users is a greatest profit, anyway.
If we take, we know that each month hundreds of male members are ready to spend their money for dating service. Men’s profiles are the image of a successful person who is ready to provide his future other half with love and financial care.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Malware and scam threat or How to Get a Girlfriend via Lazy Man's Guide part 1

Referring to marvelous dating life (we mean online) world we should mention another side of the coin: malware and scam threat.

Russian dating websites hide this porblem out of their members, however you should start with world scam news to analyze how deep this problem is and how longother dating sites struggle for their reputation.

Your regular and familiar dating site you are a member would surprize you with the opposite features, supposedly you are a haunted sugarcane.
Online independent journals made the investigation due to Russian dating websites, they discovered that more than 40% single men and women are under the risk being a member of such websites. If you have heard something about keylogger, the program of recording pressed buttons by a user on his device - as a rule with the purpose of stealage passwords and private datas like email address or (more terrible!) billing details.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Some tips on how to arrange your trip to Russia

If you plan to visit such a nice country as Russia or Ukraine to find a Russian girlfriend there, you should know that this travel may contain many challenges for you that almost never occur in ordinary domestic trips. But there's nothing to worry about beforehand. Just serf the Internet for necessary information and it won't be THAT hard in no way.
And if an international travel is a routine practice to you, or moreover if you have already visited Russia or Eastern Europe, then there'll be not too much new for you to learn and you may just glance over the tips published here, but all the others would better make notes (or probably use this site as a help). 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

On Line Relations: Do They Really Affect Our Life

Internet affects our life very much. We all use Internet not only at our works, but at home too. We easily use on line dating sites, which bring their effect on our real relations. The culture of our relations is different in real life and in the Internet, so in real life we start to behave in a different way. It is very easy to have relations or affairs on line. There is no responsibility. It is always easier to hide your on line partner than a real person. The statistics says that usually those, who have to hide their on line relations, go to the net in the evening, when their spouses go to sleep. So, you can imajine how easy is it to hide your affairs, when they are not real. You can hide everything in the surface of the Internet. You even do not need any alibi for doing this. You do it when nobody sees you.