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Monday, March 18, 2019

User Review of Uadreams: difficulty translating letters

The next review is intriguing.. are the girls in uadreams real? One of the uadreams members pointed out an unevident problem connected with letters translation...

Well I have been a member for a few years and the Lady I am speaking too is very beautiful BUT am I talking to her??? Sometimes it seems like the letters are from different people. Or she has 3 personalities. After communicating with her for over 100 letters I think I know her style of writting and talking and lately it seems like there are at least 2 more people writting me.
The agency's staff wrote in their reply that diferent translators could translate the girl's email. As for me, this explains why the style changed.

I will continue communicating with her in hopes that I am wrong but it does not look good right now :-( Plus the fact that she does not want to send me a personalized video nor a phone call video chat so that I can see and hear her at same time is a little fishy. 

Oh oh, I know that each girl can talk to you via phone, skype, or in video chat, don't even doubt! What is more, girls on uadreams send you so many chat invitations on the site when you are online that is sometimes makes you more difficult to write an e-mail, for example. So.. this guy is telling lies!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Everybody knows that Christmas is a family holiday, so don't review uadreams' scams as I did uselessly. Ua-dreams no scam site is for you and me!

I always like to dream of Christmas Eve and celebration of the New Year, it's a magic. But I couldn't enjoy it thouroughly when I was alone. That's why I was so interested when my friend Harry sent me uadreams review, explaining all the possibilities of site.