Monday, December 9, 2013

Some tips on how to arrange your trip to Russia

If you plan to visit such a nice country as Russia or Ukraine to find a Russian girlfriend there, you should know that this travel may contain many challenges for you that almost never occur in ordinary domestic trips. But there's nothing to worry about beforehand. Just serf the Internet for necessary information and it won't be THAT hard in no way.
And if an international travel is a routine practice to you, or moreover if you have already visited Russia or Eastern Europe, then there'll be not too much new for you to learn and you may just glance over the tips published here, but all the others would better make notes (or probably use this site as a help). 
How to arrange your flight?
The first thing is the transportation... In case you are not aware enough how to buy a ticket (or a travel agent who helps you is too well familiar with the situation), the cost of a round trip flight to Russia may turn into a nice sum to you of about $3000-$4000. Besides your flight schedule may happen to be absolutely horrible (with lots of stops, too long layover, inconvenient airport changes, and so on).
But luckily to you there ways of how to avoid overpaying and find a nearly perfect flight schedule. And if you guess that we suggest you to save about 10%, you are absolutely wrong. We offer you to save no less than 300%. Yes, it's true. With the help of some plain tricks your round trip flight for $3000 with the most horrible scheduling you imagine can be easily turned into a $1000 round trip with am almost ideal schedule!
Visa and Customs control.
If you have no experience of traveling abroad, you may fancy that a “visa” is a credit card. Well, partially it is like this, but to be more precise it is a special permission for entering a foreign country. Visa and custom requirements differ from country to country, and if you mix up something in there, you can in the long run be refused entry into a country and remain at the airport for about a week!
Don't forget to check what Russian customs regulations are so that not to pay extra 30% tariffs on the things that are your property already.
Scheduling for Success
When you travel to Russia or Ukraine via an individual tour, you need to know a few important scheduling moments to keep in mind that will allow you to raise your possibilities of success. That is cash in such moments as on which day of the week it is better to arrive, or the most optimal length of such a tour.
The Need of Cell Phones in Russia.
If you are willing to go to Russia to meet a woman, you will for sure need a mobile phone that is of much importance there! For instance, you may need a cell phone to make a call to your host in order to let them know that your airport pickup didn't come or of similar situations. And how will your date contact you to say to you that she's late or wish to cancel the meeting for some reason? There may be dozens of other examples of its helpful use.
But there is such a moment that U.S. cell phone may not work in Russia or Ukraine if you don't know a couple of things... though it may work ok if you have some kind of an international plan on it, but your roaming charges could come to an end quite soon and make the biggest budget item for the whole of your trip. Normally roaming charges range between 4-5 dollars a minute. But if you look for better offers in Russia you may avoid such waists.

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