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Romance Scam

Scammers use the profit of lonely members who are searching for soulmates with the help of dating sites, applications or any social platform by imitating accurative interlocutor and eventual companion. And by any means they push the emotional buttons to extract gifts, money and personal information.

What’s the scam scheme?

The strategy of romance dating scam starts with international dating websites, the more they meet users there, the better. However nowadays scammers appeal for social media or even to mailboxes to get in touch with future victim. Besides they like to contact victims by first telephone call as well, known today as “catfishing” tricks.

Keep in mind that they create million hook profiles, they can be less the information to be filled with, name and second name or without, a few details but very active. Be careful as such profiles are fake with fake names and even profession they indicate as military, medicine or engineering abroad are aimed to gain people’s trust.

What is more, dating romance scammers keep their position of interested in you seriously during a very short period of time. By the way they would mention that is it a great luck to meet you suddenly, such can happen only once in a million times. Afterwards they will offer you to quit from the website and keep communication via private way as mobile phone, email address or any messenger. As a rule they choose Australia to be their native country but their job is connected with travelling in europe and overseas and etc.

Their ingenuity goes to gaining sincerity and trust. They will do anything to win your unfeigned interest via gifts presenting and even sharing personal data with victim to show the vivid attitude and to grow in favour. They blast off and use months to achieve the aim. They make a victim closer during this period but never come to her place as promised. Actually they pretend to come in a very sophisticated way.

So when it is time and future victim is ready to be scammed, usually this is the most pleasant part of relationship based on trust and helpfulness. This is a time to ask for money help, any expensive gift or some personal details. Or what is interesting they may send some intimate videos and ask to do the same.

Indeed the reason for financial request is very urgent: personal problem to be solved as soon as possible in a matter of a serious disease of a family member and special treatment is necessary right now. Or education payment, or an apartment payment according to the job loss. Besides the most powerful trick is about trip planning and the sincerest desire of a scammer to see her or his beloved person. In this case the victim would be required for a ticket booking assistance or visa arrangement as the expenses are really hard to accomplish.

Another trick is gadgets sending directly to a victim with a request to resend them to someone else, this case is using you in their criminal activity under the guise of serious issue to help a fake friend or a family member. Or they will turn the situation in such a way that you yourself will offer your help to buy and send a computer or laptop or put some money to unknown bank account. This is what you do by your own hands.

Remember such scenarios: never transfer money to a person you have never seen in your life.

There are cases when scammers share their concern about very large amount they have to fix (some fees or whatever). So you are the side who knows about this serious issue and you will be offered to have a part if you agree to send them via your bank account.

However we want you to pay attention to the fact that very often different romance scammers from dating sites could be members of a criminal networks who work with hundreds of people all over the world. It is easier to overcome any difficulties by telling that they live overseas and there is only you who can help. Thus they put you, a victim, to a dangerous point.

Since you have been scammed you will lose your money and never return, as you have no ends. What is more we won’t tell you about how harmful such romance affair is and how desperate people are afterwards with no belief in future relationship.

Caution signs:

  • You start communicating with someone online but you notice that this person expresses a strong interest to you with warm feelings with asking personal contact. So if you met each other on a dating website you will be offered to quit and use any form of private communication in future.
  • You see a difference in facts scammer tells you and in profile information you reed on the website. For example you see the description about - “educated” while you face with multiple mistakes.
  • With growing in favour they wait for weeks and months or may be years if necessary to reach the point of asking you the money, card details or any gift to send.
  • Messages you may receive can be dull, senseless sometimes, badly written with mistakes and even with not your name used as greetings.
  • In case you do not transfer money scammers try to insist, or to be desperate or to claim or to apply. Very often such requests turn to threats. But in case you send the money they ask about, later they ask for more.
  • Promises? They never keep faith and keep word. They always have an explanation and excuse for the reason you haven’t met still and why you have to send more money urgently.

How to protect from scammers?

  • Keep in mind that each new online romantic communication may turn into a scam affair, taking into account all signs mentioned above. Be strong enough to consider without emotions, analyze your partner who he or she is.
  • Take Google advantage or TinEye to provide an image search. These services are very helpful in case of verifying profile with less or suspicious information.
  • Be attentive with grammar and spelling mistakes: such language misunderstandings should push you to check the information about interlocutor. As a rule scammers know English poorly and use cliches to adjust contacts with victims.
  • Be cautious if they mention that the image of webcam is not working properly. If that repeats, probably your partner does not want you to remember his or her face.
  • Be alert to share personal information with interlocutors, videos and images will be used against you. Blackmail is the next step of scams.
  • Try to inform your family members or relatives and friends if you are going to meet with online partner in real life. Do not cross the ocean alone to unknown territory where your partner lives. You may arrange meeting on the third place. That would be reasonable decision convenient for both parties.
  • Strictly ignore any hints or requests to send money. And never do that as well as personal documents or bank details even if you think you trust this person. You will regret later.
  • Avoid up-front payment arrangements with unknown people, they will offer to use WU or any other international transferring services, or web money or whatever. There is less chances to recover funds then.
  • Do not accept the request help of money transferring to a third party. Laundering of funds is the grounds of criminal responsibility.
  • Use social network profiles carefully. Try to avoid detailed description of your personality: scammers use these channels for contacts stealing as well.
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If scammed, what to do?

If you suspect a scam urgently contact and report the management of social network or a dating site you are a member of. Let people know all the details with proof to help them to investigate the case and to detect scams in their system. This will help other to avoid being potential victims.

In case you shared your personal information, contact your bank representative and let him know about this issue to block your account immediately.

Always report about scams to police department, provide them with screenshots, letters, names, addresses and details. Do not be ashamed of your case. If you hide a word, this won’t help other to prevent them from your fate.

Be educated and try to inform your relatives and friends regularly about scams all around the world.

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