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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Registration systems on dating sites and payment or How to Get a Girlfriend via Lazy Man's Guide, part 2

However, after all mentioned above, we still see many dating websites to be malicious for their members.
Indeed dating websites do not want to loose their potential members that is why they simplify the logging system. Million, thousands of users is a greatest profit, anyway.
If we take, we know that each month hundreds of male members are ready to spend their money for dating service. Men’s profiles are the image of a successful person who is ready to provide his future other half with love and financial care. That is why we can see sometimes UaDreams on the news so often. Customers used complain more often nowadays about their information got to some third sides for any other profit, however dur to modern technology we cannot be sure this may help, that is why you need to be careful with your love affair online.
Dating website is a great fish for hackers to obtain billing information, we must say being a member, man is able to spend thousands of dollars for letters, video chats, gifts, phone calls (we do not even mention live meeting in the office and trip spendings). Big fish for a criminal, right?
Discernment is what they are, they attack where money smell.
That is why payment system in meny dating websites has security tips while filling the form for billing information. Entering once, you won’t be able to do that constantly, the system will remember necessary banking info and the financial operation will be proceeded successfully.
Probably you have never seen any poor client of the ordinary non-free dating website, each single man who is ready to communicate with foreign woman from Russia or Ukraine is ready to spend some hundreds of dollars as well.

To come to the conslusion, we strictly recommend you to set blocks on your computers, special patches and antivirus. Check your browser settings and be sure in links you intend to follow, plus - all nesessary manipulations with your bank account to be in safe.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Malware and scam threat or How to Get a Girlfriend via Lazy Man's Guide part 1

Referring to marvelous dating life (we mean online) world we should mention another side of the coin: malware and scam threat.

Russian dating websites hide this porblem out of their members, however you should start with world scam news to analyze how deep this problem is and how longother dating sites struggle for their reputation.

Your regular and familiar dating site you are a member would surprize you with the opposite features, supposedly you are a haunted sugarcane.
Online independent journals made the investigation due to Russian dating websites, they discovered that more than 40% single men and women are under the risk being a member of such websites. If you have heard something about keylogger, the program of recording pressed buttons by a user on his device - as a rule with the purpose of stealage passwords and private datas like email address or (more terrible!) billing details.
Some online services have scampish filling forms for financial operations as to the payment for their options. Besides authentication requires several proper details of yours to denote you as a member.
Hackers attacs can be in a very passive way, you just wait until it will act from your computer at a necessary time right when you log in the proper bank. And all they need issome interesting and important information of yours.
Mostly people are unaware about this crime situation and still do not care about their credit card.
So what is the correct advice for preventing all members from being thew victim of specially designed program? The proper answer is: to avoid suspisious financial transations, check all financial operations and reuirements of the company you intend to transfer the money to, to check properly the filling form and do not trust to some suspisious websites that need your detailed information for loggin. Actually, you may discuss security question with your bank representative personally regarding the risk of fraud while logging to the bank site. Secondly, you have to change your login information frequently or you are able to change the bank if you are doubt in its security system.
Remember: you financial operations should be safe!